Quality Assessment

Do you want to feel secure about the current state of your product? How confident are you that everything runs fine? How comfortable do you feel when doing a new release?

Do you focus your efforts in such a way that you feel comfortable and secure? Are the measures you take helping you to increase your confidence?

In order to do so you need to balance your activities, targeting them in the most efficient and effective way! 

Testing is all about context. There is no single solution for delivering high quality product.

During this workshop we help teams to reveal the current state of their products. 

Based on both risk and impact we uncover those areas that are most critical, and those areas that are underexposed and need extra attention. 

With these insights we can determine a new strategy, that focuses on those efforts that are the most relevant to your context. Thus making most efficient use of the time available and saving precious resources.

We will guide you to select the right tools and techniques, that are required to master your situation. The workshop results in a prioritised roadmap, containing the most important improvements steps.

Together this will help you to gain confidence and provide accurate insight in the quality of your product.