With our assessments we provide you quick insights in the Quality of your product. 

The final moment is approaching...

Right before that important release date you stop and wonder...

Are we ready to go live?

What needs to be in place to go live?

Should we care?

Can We Go Live and deliver the quality we intent?

Quality is value to some person, who matters – Jerry Weinberg

This famous quote should make you think; what is most important to us and what’s important to our users or customers? How much risk are we willing to take? How confident are we to go live?

Are we certain our product delivers, and its quality is sufficient?

How much testing is enough and did we mitigate the most important risks?

The simple answer is; testing is never ‘done’. ..

But at some point we can be confident enough to take the decision. In order to feel secure, we need to know if we did enough. And we need to understand our current level of quality. We need to know the status of our most important risk areas.

But do we even know what these risk areas are?

What are the key risk areas of our application?

  • Do we meet our functional requirements?
  • Do we deliver the intended value?
  • Will we make our users happy?
  • Is our data secure?
  • Do we meet accessibility standards?
  • Do we meet performance expectations?
  • Can we scale when demanded?
  • Do we meet portability expectations?
  • Are we resilient to errors?
  • Will we withstand extreme conditions?
  • Can we recover from failure?
  • How fast are we able to fix problems?
  • Do we know what our tests cover?
  • How effective is our monitoring?
  • How effective is our alerting?
  • How mature is our development?

With answers to these questions we know where to focus our efforts

Can We Go Live?

Our team of experts will help answer these questions, by providing you with the information you need in clear and understandable language.

Allowing you to make the right decisions. Now you can go live with the quality that’s required.

  • We take rapid interactive assessments – allowing you to have immediate insight in your current quality
  • We provide expert advice – that will help you to objectively focus on the risks that are most important in your specific context